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Liberty Welding Company was established in 1908 as a general welding and speciality machine shop with a heavy emphasis on the auto and trucking industry. We are the oldest welding company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as well as America’s oldest axle repair company. Our family owned business owns patents on repairing and replacing truck and trailer axle housing spindles on-site. Axle repair is our main focus, however we still do all types of general repairs, fabricating, and machining projects based on our customer’s needs. We do it all and we do it right!

Bill Ferrari (owner) was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA.  After high school he went to the Engineering Institute of America where he learned how to weld.  Throughout his youth and into adulthood Bill loved sports.  Baseball, football, and boxing (both as a player and a coach) were passions of his outside of the welding realm.  However, it was his love of drag racing that set him on the path towards becoming a great mechanic, machinist, and welder.

Bill started at Liberty Welding in March of 1971.  As an employee, he became very interested in axle work and eventually in 1978, purchased the company.  Within a few years he developed his patented tools for replacing spindles on trucks and trailers.

Our Story


On-Site 3/4 Ton and Up Drive Axle and Trailer Axle Spindle Replacement

In-House Complete Steering Axle and Spindle Repairs

Car and Truck Frame Rust Repair

Truck Frame Shortening and Lengthening

Custom Fabrications

Machine Shop and All General Welding- (all metals: stick, mig, tig, and gas)

State Inspections


Liberty Welding Co. has been replacing truck and trailer axle spindles since they were first manufactured.


This photo shows the inside of a factory drive axle with the original butt-weld.  Axles are engineered and manufactured this way to achieve ultimate strength while allowing flexibility.    


Our Patented System replaces these spindles the way they were originally designed.

Other spindle replacement methods bore out the internal housing and insert the spindle which weakens the strength of the axle and alters the original factory design and function. By removing materials and inserting the spindle inside the axle housing, it actually weakens the housing.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our system services the vehicle at any location: there is no need to remove the axle or housing.

  • We replace both drive and trailer axle spindles

  • The spindle is replaced with original equipment strength and specifications

  • No alterations made to the axle housing unlike other replacement systems

  • Our process is faster and more reliable than any other method

  • Full spindle replacement can be done under 2 hours

  • Minimal downtime and cost to the customer

  • Simple, easy, and efficient

Before and After Photos Using Our ON-SITE Patented System

Spindle Repair
Other Work


We do everything from repairing stairs and car rims to building custom ladder racks and custom projects from our neighborhood friends to movie sets.




To purchase a system for spindle repair please contact us by phone or email for more information.

Purchase System

Phone: 1-877-661-1776



1235 Washington Blvd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15206


Mon - Fri: 8am - 4:30pm
​​Saturday: Closed
​Sunday: Closed

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I spun a bearing on one of my drive axles. I tried to repair it by grinding off the bearing metal.

I spent a lot of money replacing seals and they never stopped leaking.

Liberty Welding came to my shop

at my home and replaced the spindles on site. They saved me thousands

of dollars.

Liberty Welding has always been prompt and provided quality work. Having spindles put on our customers’ trucks by Liberty Welding’s system keeps them moving.

Liberty Welding replaces our truck spindles right in the shop. They also make custom spindles for our railroad construction machines on site while they are still on the tracks.

Its not often we get spindles that need replaced, but using Liberty Welding saved us the time and money it would take to a get a new axle. We have had nothing but quality work from them for over 40 years.

We have been using Liberty Welding Company for almost 50 years. It does not surprise me that they were able to invent these tools to replace spindles on site. They have been doing superb axle repair in one capacity or another for us for over fifty years.

Cliff Eichelberger,

- Morgantown,

West Virginia

Bud Thompson,

PennView Equipment

and Truck Repair

- Blairsville, PA

Mike Davis,

Atlas Railroad Construction Company

John Pelkofer,

Action Truck Service

John Lafferty,

Jack Lafferty

Truck Parts



Third Patent Awarded to Liberty Welding's Owner

In 2020 Bill Ferrari, owner of Liberty Welding, was awarded another patent for his truck and trailer rear axle spindle repair system. This marks the third time he has earned a patent for his on-site system with the first 2 being awarded in the late 80s/early 90s. As a company, we are very proud of this accomplishment and believe it shows the true ingenuity of the owner. The accompaning video below is Bill describing this system and how it is superior to other similar products on the market


Liberty Welding Joins Forces with Momentum Ventures, LLC

As part of expanding their market presence, Liberty Welding joined forces with Momentum Ventures, LLC. Momentum is owned and operated by Gregory Saxon and has expanded Liberty Welding's spindle repair system into Virginia and the surrounding counties in Maryland, West Virginia, and Northern North Carolina. Liberty Welding is very excited about what this venture holds for them in the future. For additional information, please visit Momentum Ventures, LLC's website at


We provide general welding and speciality machine shop services with a heavy emphasis on the trucking industry.  

Feel free to contact us for more information or to inquire about our spindle repair system.

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