Spindle Repair System

The Liberty Welding’s axle repair system addresses a common and expensive problem that trucks experience on the road — damaged or bent axle spindles caused by burned out wheel bearings or rough terrain. Liberty Welding has been repairing axles since the early 20s. With that experience they have developed this patented technology and have time-tested for over 35 years. It is a proven and reliable process. Our system replaces spindles the way they were originally manufactured. It has the following advantages over any other method currently utilized to address axle spindle problems:

  • It services the vehicle at any location; there is no need to remove the axle or housing. Once the repair is complete, the vehicle is back in operation immediately;
  • It can repair both drive and trailer axle spindles;
  • The system replaces the full one-piece spindle (inner and outer bearing surfaces, seal and threads) with original equipment strength and specifications;
  • It is faster and more reliable than any other repair method — approximately two hours for the full spindle replacement job. It saves significant time and money;
  • The repair system consists of a set of heavy duty aluminum jigs and steel sleeves; it is light and yet resistant
  • It is the simplest, easiest and most cost-effective repair method available in the market.

Liberty Welding’s system is quick, simple and efficient. It can save the customer substantial time and money, and can produce substantial profits for a truck repair shop. It is the best solution available in the market for the problem of fixing burned out wheel bearings or bent spindles. It replaces the spindle the way it was manufactured.

Major Problems

These are some examples of the major problems people that own trucks experience that costs thousands of dollars and downtime. By using these patented tools and methods these major problems will be no problem at all for a user of the system. By doing this work, your customer base will increase greatly. These customers will save thousands of dollars with a lot less downtime and make the user of these tools substantial profits. THIS IS A WIN-WIN SITUATION.