Liberty Welding Company has been in business since 1908 as a general welding and speciality machine shop with heavy emphasis on the trucking industry. We are the oldest established welding company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Up until the early 80s, our main focus was truck, tractor, and trailer axle housing repairs as an in-shop machine service.

The in-shop machine repair requires that the axle housing be removed from the vehicle, stripped down, build-up the spindle surface with weld, machine the spindle back to specifications, cut the threads, reassemble, and re-install the axle housing under the vehicle. As you can see, this process is labor intensive and involves a considerable amount of down-time and cost for the customer.

The president, Bill Ferrari, has invented two patented systems for repairing spindles or replacing spindles on drive and trailer axles without removing the axle housing from the vehicle or bringing the vehicle into the shop.The entire process can be done on site. This system replaces spindles the way they were manufactured.We travel to a wide range of areas. Currently our customers span Pennsylvania and the surrounding states.

Date Milestone
1908 Liberty Welding Company is established as Liberty Brazing & Welding Company
1962 Liberty Brazing and Welding Company is incorporated as Liberty Welding Company and four employees take on role as share holders

Property in East Liberty is bought by the state and the employees become the official owners

The company moves to 1315 Washington Boulevard

March 1, 1971 Current Owner Bill Ferrari starts as a young aspiring welder
Late 1970s Bill takes on as part owner
Early 1980s Bill becomes full owner of Liberty Welding Company

Bill invents his tools and methods for repairing drive and trailer axles and receives 2 separate patents

Bill begins to sell and use his patented tools and methods

1985 Company moves to 1235 Washington Boulevard
2008 Liberty Welding turns 100 years old.